Psychic Prediction Comes True: Patriots Win Super Bowl!

The New England Patriots win the Super Bowl!

Donald Trump is our 46th President of the United States!

These were some of the many documented psychic predictions I gave last year.

“You got this” are words I trust daily in my line of work whether it is, reading for clients or working on missing person cases or giving my future predictions. For me, trusting instinct and source is how I roll daily and I am wondering if you do too?

What is source? To me, source is the power within that comes from our creator whatever modality of spirituality you believe in. It is guidance so powerful that it generates decisions. It creates calm when life is in chaos and it creates actions to make your world renew. That source creates change. This is the energy and guidance I connect with to do my work for others and I have learned after 15 years as a professional Psychic Medium that if people paid more attention to trust instinct. They would not be so fear based in choices and life would run a lot smoother and would be less kinetic for them.

Do you trust your inner guidance? I am saying right now, if you don’t, please start trusting that inner voice instantly.
It never ever fails you. It’s real simple. It’s like the old Life Cereal Commercial when Mikey’s big brother won’t try the new cereal his Mom poured for breakfast for them. The big brother says, “Mikey, try it you’ll like it!” and sure enough Mikey dives into his bowl and loves the cereal! Then his bigger brother has the confidence to join him. Spirit/Intuition works the same way. You have to try it to like it.

I stayed true to my prediction that I stated, Nov 23, 2016, on “ Night Side with Dan Rea ” on CBS WBZ Radio when Dan asked;

“Who will win the Super Bowl?”

I said, “I feel good on the Super Bowl win for the Patriots… even with their injuries.”

I also documented this win on my 2017 Predictions on my website psychicmediumkelle.com
I trusted source and what I knew was to be true.

Boy oh boy, during that game with 45 people in my house cheering for the Patriots win I still felt as the players and coaches did. They knew they would win. And as Julian Edelman stated to his teammates; ”Let’s go Boys. It’s gonna be a hell of a story.” And darn, if he was not right!

Throughout the game, I kept hearing “Are you sure Kel?” from our guests and my texts from my son Matt at college were getting pretty funny. “MOM ARE YOU SURE THEY WILL WIN?” in all caps. I answered; “PRAY” and “YES”. As Matt said, after the win, “He was sure God was a PATS fan.” I tend to think so too!

The Patriots team is the perfect example of trusting in Source.
1. Source was used in their guidance in decisions (play calling).
2. The ability to create calm when there is chaos (being down 25 points to tie a game and then win it in O.T.)
3. The Patriots team believing in their instinct and ability that created change in the direction of the outcome.
They renewed themselves didn’t they all by using their source trust and instinct. They never lost their vision because they believed.

Do you trust situations in your life and can you redirect your life and feel comfortable with change so that you can renew or do you sit back in fear and give up on things?

Trusting in source is your inner belief system of instinct that rewards your determination plain and simple. So start being more like the Patriots and like Mikey and use that inner voice and follow it. It can lead to amazing things like The Greatest Comeback in NFL History. We will all remember Super Bowl 51.

Thank you, New England Patriots on showing the world on how source works in our lives.



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