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Helping You Find Your Calm

Kelle Sutliff knows first hand about the stresses of juggling work, family, and life and trying to find a “Cup Of Calm” and she’ll show you how to get it! 

Kelle Sutliff, Award Winning Author and Speaker

Kelle is a psychic medium who worked in the business world for over 25 years in public relations, event marketing and as a highly successful real estate agent before transitioning full time as a psychic medium. As a speaker, she shares how to use your intuition and find your “Cup of Calm” in a hectic world. She is married with three college kids and two dogs and knows first-hand the stresses of work-life balance. She’s developed tools she uses daily with her clients to achieve “calm” and find their peace and can provide these same tools to your group or business to help you or your employees achieve greater calm in their lives.


Kelle Will Show You How To Get A “Cup of Calm” In Your Life

Daily life can be stressful and that stress can block us from being able to hear and listen to our intuition. Sometimes we just need a “tune-up” to help ourselves feel better and direct our energy into a better pathway to success. Kelle will provide some of the easiest tools your staff, team or family members have ever seen that will help provide grounding, balance, and harmony into your daily life. These simple tools that Kelle has developed are easy to learn and you can implement them into your daily life. 

Psychic Medium Kelle Sutliff Has Been Seen On

Kelle Live

Televised live on PBS Boston, Kelle Sutliff speaking to an audience of over 500 people about her career as a Psychic Medium. 

Workshops, Seminars

Kelle has conducted speaking events for large and small groups, businesses and associations. Contact Kelle to learn more about how she can help you and your group. 


Large or Small Groups

Offering Strategies and Tools For Work-Life Balance

  • Business Meetings
  • Associates
  • Groups
  • Events

Kelle Sutliff’s Most Popular Talks

Kelle’s talks can be delivered as workshops, seminars, webinars, or short talks. She can customize her content to your group’s specific needs. 

How to Get Your Cup of Calm By Micromanaging Your Energy into Manifestation

Kelle will show you how to achieve “calm” in a hectic work environment and personal life so that your world will have balance. As a company or as an individual are you done being overwhelmed? It is now time to take good care in “Micro-Managing Your Energy.” Energy and our vibe is simple but we complicate it every day. It’s time just to be present and take care of you and the rest will fall into place.

In this program you will walk away with:

  • Tools to obtain your energetic bottom line.
  • The importance of synchronicity while trusting intuition and how that all plays out for your business bottom line and the other most important bottom line Y-O-U.
  • Understanding the NOW Culture so that your thoughts, desires always transform into you being present not living in the past not even, living in the future just letting yourself live right now.
  • The right tools to keep your energy grounded so that you don’t bring in kinetic chaos energy into your life or your workspace.



Empowering Your Intuition With Integrity

You are so powerful and you were born with trust and intuition, which is better known as your best friend. Intuition is the ignition to your new self and it starts everything! You want new and exciting in your life? Then you have to create it and believe it. What is holding you back? This work is powerful stuff and for generations, we have forgotten to use it. Well today is a new day and that means bringing back old thought modalities to blend with this centuries current vibe–and its a powerful one to combine with today’s energy. Are you ready to DREAM BIG? It’s time to keep the integrity in intuition so that you can trust in yourself.

In this program you will walk away with:

  • How your intuition connects with you through signs and symbols.
  • How to stay grounded and find your peace so that you can trust your intuition.
  • Not to settle in life when “your gut” is telling you to do differently in situations.
  • How to keep honor in your WHOLE self so that you meld/blend with intuition thought daily.
  • How to deal with loss when you need to walk away from negative situations.


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"Enriching clients lives who are at a crossroads, experiencing unresolved issues or dealing with loss by offering inspiration, comfort and closure through psychic and spirit communication."

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