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Listen Up! The Other Side IS Talking by Kelle Sutliff is the winner of the Mom’s Choice and Readers’ Favorite awards.

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“Kelle Sutliff is a wonderful evidential medium and radio personality. Her book (Listen Up! The Other Side IS Talking) is enlightening, entertaining and will open you up to the reality of spirit contact.”
Mark Anthony

The Psychic Lawyer®

“Kelle’s passion and expertise will spark your own intuition. She offers us easy ways to tap into the inner guidance and peace always readily available to us.”
Robbie Holz

Speaker, Holistic Consultant, Author of the award winning book Secrets of Aboriginal Healing

“Kelle shares her experiences in an honest and straightforward manner. You will better understand how mediums work and how you, the reader, can benefit from “waking up” to your own abilities, if you only pay attention.”
Bridget Benson

Irish Medium & Author of When Tomorrow Speaks To Me

About The Book

Listen Up! Book
In her book Listen Up! The Other Side IS Talking, Kelle Sutliff shares her psychic medium experiences in an honest and straightforward manner. You will better understand how mediums do the work they do and how you, the reader, can also benefit from “waking up” to your own abilities. It is with humor and grace Kelle walks us through the process of learning to trust our inner knowing in this book.
Psychic medium Kelle Sutliff explains to the reader in this award winning book how this communication works and how to listen.

Her message is very clear; we all need to pay attention to the signs and symbols that passed loved ones give us every day who want to comfort us in our time of grief.

“Parapsychology as a field has been largely dismissed as not scientific. And nothing could be farther from the truth. Life is a fascinating experience that can be reduced down to the activities of organic matter bound by space and time. Kelle is a friend and confidante who is incredibly talented in connecting to the mysteries of our lives beyond the now.”

— Lawrence Peacock, MD

“Kelle is a true gift to people in their lives… She has an incredible gift from Spirit, and her accuracy is second to none…Kelle’s readings are completely honest and compassionate. She has amazed me with her accuracy…a truly blessed medium.”

—Emilia Kelly, International Clairvoyant Consultant, Buckinghamshire, UK

“Not long after my son had passed, I had the opportunity to work with Kelle. She gave me an impromptu reading, connecting me to my son. I was shocked at her accuracy. She knew things that she had no way of knowing. I was so grateful to hear my son’s messages and know they were absolutely authentic. Kelle Sutliff is the “Real Deal.”

—Leora Leon, TV Host, “The Power in You,“ Divine Path Life Coach, and Energy Healer

About Kelle

Kelle Sutliff is an internationally renowned psychic medium, psychic investigator, and speaker who has appeared on national and international television and radio programs. Her first book, Listen Up! The Other Side IS Talking, has won the internationally acclaimed “Reader’s Favorite” and “Mom’s Choice” book awards. A gifted psychic medium, she has worked in her industry for over eighteen years, using her work to show people that the psychic world is very real and offering inspiration and comfort to those dealing with grief and loss. As a psychic investigator, she works with families and private investigators on current and cold cases. She is known for her accurate predictions on world events and within her clients’ lives. Her national and international clients include celebrities, professionals, and business executives.

Now is the time to “Listen Up!”

Kelle Sutliff

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Award Winning Book

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In this book you will better understand how mediums do the work, learn how to trust your inner knowing, and “wake up” to your own abilities.

Listen UP! The Other Side Is Talking Book


"Enriching clients lives who are at a crossroads, experiencing unresolved issues or dealing with loss by offering inspiration, comfort and closure through psychic and spirit communication."

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