2017 Predictions by Psychic Medium Kelle Sutliff

Kelle Sutliff One of the Only Psychic Mediums Who Predicted Donald Trump as 45th President of the United States Makes Her 2017 Predictions

Psychic Medium Kelle Sutliff who predicted Trump as our next president is seeing a powerhouse of change for everyone so get prepared for it. There will be a platform of change with the United States Congress and tons of growth in the United States and world economy.


This next President will be a powerhouse of change so everyone has to get prepared for it. So don’t take the negative approach to the adventure. The United States has been a lame duck for the last eight years and now the duck is squawking and getting out of its nest with it’s new babies. There will be lots of new growth and opportunity in the United States and old programs reviewed by Congress as to whether they still work well for our country. You will see many votes and re-votes in Congress. You will see a perfect turnaround for this country in year three of his presidency so be patient. The Trump Era will be very FDR and Reagan like. He will communicate with the American people. He will not hide behind the White House Walls. The press will start to like him again!


  • The trade gates are open. There will be countries that will be wanting to engage in proper trade practices with the U.S. so that our economy booms. Look to China, Japan even the Ukraine; Africa to be building a trust of a more global economy of trade but the US does not get ripped off.
  • There will be tremendous growth in transportations and mining industry and there is a new way of fracking that does not disturb Mother Nature as much.
  • Watch for crop damage and prices of vegetable and fruit go up this year.
  • The Stock market and housing has a boom – great time to invest.


  • Mother Nature and dry ground in the world will produce several earthquakes this year.
  • California-they have to watch the belt line.
  • Arizona and even Midwest will feel its effect.


  • I am feeling really good on The New England Patriots win of the Super Bowl even with injuries.


  • I am concerned around Big Ben in England and I want to watch for an attempt for it to be destroyed.
  • I see several monuments in the world having extra protection around them.
  • The Clinton’s have a lot to worry about. I would not want to be in their shoes…Their health issues come out even more under the duress of possible indictments. September time frames pop up a lot around them.


2017 is an energy of finding inner peace in your own self like a duck letting her babies out into the water for the first time… swim, it’s natural, and you won’t sink! It’s a time to trust and EVERYONE take all your fear based issues and resolve them. 2017 is a time to push the refresh button and act more like a duck!

As the world leadership changes it is time for you too to change and lead your own actions like you would if you were running your own country. It’s time to create your own opportunities staying in balance and nurture. It is also very important to remember to be kind and show honor to all. If you don’t stay in your honor this year you will be out of sync and that will just bring chaos to you.

May all the good and great things attract to you this year in all that you need and are meant to give to others.

With Love,
Kelle Sutliff


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