Feet Imprint in Sand

What is a Life Imprint?

An Imprint is what your soul has picked to be a part of this world. It is the choice of your soul to make a difference in this world. It’s the official agreement between your soul and humanity. So patterns are created for you and others to exchange relationship, love, compassion, sin or deceit whatever “choice” or your imprint lays out for you. See you are born with your choices and it is a karmic role you adhere too, whether you believe in this roll of your soul or not. It’s what I call “Imprint”.

Some may call it a life blueprint.  It is the foundation on how you live your life spiritually, physically and emotionally.  As an example if you decide to throw Twinkies and cupcakes into your body daily, you have made a concrete choice to create an ill physical body at some point in your life. If you chose to enjoy being an addict you will hurt your brain, affect your heart and kill your loved ones emotionally before you end up killing yourself! Those are some examples of how your soul imprint can work. Life Imprint is pretty black and white not much gray matter in choices. So it’s about making good choices.

Being in Flow

Flowing StreamIt always amazes me how people just chose to drift through life, thinking “what will be, will be.” Drifting is different than being in flow. When you are in flow you know that it feels right and you are in synch with yourself and in harmony with the world around you. When you aren’t in flow, the opposite occurs which is chaos. Chaos always interferes with your imprint and your soul—not the best idea.

People tend to forget about flow when things are good and then start to lose their imprint of pattern. In those great moments of flow they forget to be grateful. Instead they muck it up and start to worry, change tactics and start to get overwhelmed. This throws your whole chakra alignment off! Your self-talk affects the course of your life. Your self-talk is the manager of your success.

It’s like a football coach that can never decide on the right play so his team will never win. The players will work hard all week believing in the win and then when the important calls are to be made and a coach’s leadership is needed, his indecisiveness losses the game even based on all the support the players gave him all week.  If that coach stayed within his own imprint and visualized his win the outcome is the W! How many times have you been that second guessing, not staying in the flow Coach?

Imprints are huge in everything for life. Whether it be the organized Mother of three kids under the age of three (that was me, lived for nap time), the dedicated sales person making their numbers or the cancer patient trying to survive chemo. The imprints we tell our souls matter.

How do you stay on track with your Life Imprint? 

State your wholeness every day. Brag a bit about you to you! Your soul needs to hear it. This little trick is how you manifest your emotional, physical and spiritual needs all toward you. Say things like, “I am the best sales person”, “I am cancer free as of today”. “ I am not an addict” “I am physically fit” All that positive talk certifies your IMPRINT.  It will keep your goals and soul all aligned and keeping that fragmented chaos away.

So think about Your LIFE IMPRINT and watch how your life changes for your own better good.


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