You Were My Favorite Hello and My Hardest Goodbye

Death and goodbyes are one hard subject to deal with in life, aren’t they?

Saying goodbye in death hurts us to the core. I am fortunate to have the privilege to connect for clients with new hellos after such grief occurs.

Every reading I do, it always amazes me on how phenomenal our connection is to others even past death. Spirit (past loved ones) are always giving us a “new hello” if we would just pay attention to the signs loved ones give us. So everyone put down your cell phones get off your computer and get QUIET to LISTEN for what a past loved one gives you. Here is an example and a story of how it works…

I recently attended my Aunt’s funeral. She was a great lady, raised a brewed of kids (seven) on a turkey farm and hardly had any wrinkles! The family tradition is Pond’s Night Cream. The tradition passed down from her Mother age 97 when she passed and no wrinkles. (Lather up ladies I’m telling ya this stuff works!!)

My aunt was 91 years old and a very spiritual woman always going to church on Sundays and often daily early mass. We probably would be too having all those kids. Can you imagine all the stress times seven? Pray, pray and pray harder.

This was my father’s sister and my Dad, Ritchie, is passed also so I asked for a sign from him while sitting in the front row of church. With 12 years of Catholic school no wants the front row but that day I did. I wanted to know he was with me and that my Aunt was there too.

So I said, “Dad, give me a sign?”

The first thought that came to me was I would see the color purple, a very divine color. I thought that is very vague. Dad, can’t you give me something really specific? Come on…

Then I heard; “ You will know it when you see it!”

I know enough that once you get your sign you don’t question spirit! You just flow with the answer. So I did.

Once the church service was over we were off to the cemetery.

As I walk into the mausoleum above my Aunts casket I look up and there is a 12-foot wall of purple stained glass windows—all purple!

On either side of the stained glass, there was a drapery one side said MOTHER other and the other side said, FATHER. How is that for confirmation?

So as my cousins were laying their Mother to rest my Dad and their Mom was right there with all us.

So ask for signs from your loved ones get quiet and the first thought you hear in your head (Minds Eye of Intuition) is the sign they are sending you. It will be obscure, it will be vague and it will be something that yes, you will remember when you see it.

It gave me wonderful comfort on such a sad goodbye that the two of them were really not saying good-bye but giving me their new hello and one beautiful purple sign.


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