Where IS Your Flow?


The energy of today has made it so easy for you to flow into your sacred self. It’s only you who are stopping the energy flowing to you.

I am going to give you some advice and it’s what I heard from spirit while in my meditation while away on the beach writing. Talk about a great place to “flow” while in front of blue water, white sand, and just peace. No phone, no electronics, and just me and my guides in connection. “It doesn’t get better than that!”

The advice from spirit was simple which allowed me to figured out what real flow means in life. When it comes from spirit you know it’s good… Here is what they gave me:


F—to follow your guidance
L—to love yourself and fellow man
O—to outwardly accept the outcome positive or negative
W—for the WIN.

Because when we follow all those attributes we win in attracting the good for yourself, for your world, and for the good of all.

Pretty simple words to live by and if you do all that you have the flow you need to feel great.

Remember Tony the Tiger from the Kellogg Frosted Flakes commercial? Tony yelled out “They’re Great!” after tasting the sugar-coated flakes. And to this day, who doesn’t buy a box of those bad boys once in a while? Guilty as charged over here.

Well once you FLOW spirit is telling you; “You’ve done good and you are GREAT because… Guess what? You are! You know what I am talking about to be in flow. It’s the best opportunity to really feel well in and out of yourself. As much as you need to feel healthy on the inside you need to feel it on the outside of you too.

Your physical energy to flow is just as important. You live your life on Frosted Flakes and junk food and no exercise. You just hollowed out your chances to your body getting ill and give you the biggest wake up call physically. That is the worst kind of reaction to not being in flow. Spirit does not want to get your attention physically so don’t make them do it. So prevent the cancer, prevent the heart attack and the dis-ease you will attract because you chose to stay clogged up in fear or self hate. Not trusting your flow in life.

Trust your guidance when it (spirit) talks to you. It’s been guiding you since you were born and will continue until you die. Sometimes the outcomes are not as swell as we want but so what? Grow and learn- that is true flow. You may not get the promotion, you may get the health scare you may get a crap load of bad stuff happens but you have to still partake in flow of life. If you stop accepting guidance, love, outcomes you will never get the W (The WIN!).

So I outwardly challenge everyone to accept your flow and embrace your sync to FLOW it will never disappoint you and it will create an empowerment that you will never want to let go of.

Go for the W.


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