Spirit is Here!

As a Psychic Medium, I truly do live a normal life besides talking to the dead! I am just like everyone else getting kids ready for college and making $600 dollar Target runs, (Yes, that’s what the receipt said!) moving kids into dorms and realizing my daughter has 12 pairs of Lulu Lemon yoga pants as I am putting them in her drawers!

Oh yea and the tuition bills – all three came on the same day this past July and how rude was that? See I am just like every other parent out there raising good citizens and paying college bills to give my kids a future.  Even in life’s living and doing normal stuff, Spirit will always show up and sometimes even when I least expect it.

I was going back to Boston after completing my move #1 for my daughter at Michigan State University. The Car Rental Shuttle Driver says to me, “What do you do for work?” I always debate in my head before giving my answer; should I say Author or should I say, I’m a Psychic Medium. I figure I’ve got less than 10 minutes in the van so I will pick the later. As soon as I say Psychic Medium I look to my right and see this aberration of a little old Indian lady sitting next to me and I know it’s the van drivers deceased mother. I will be on. I should have said, Author. LOL

Then like clockwork, the van driver says, “Wow! Mam, can you give me a quick reading?” How can I say no and his mum is right next to me. Of course, I say; “Yes, but it will have to be quick I can’t miss my flight.“ So I give my “mini drive-through” reading and I describe his mother, tell him she passed of a heart attack and she knows he was not able to be there when she died, as he was in another country at the time. She sends her love to him and his brother. He asked a few questions about his job and future. I link and give him his psychic answers. The van stops I give him a hug and off I go to get my plane and just like that, this is “my normal” and I don’t even question it. It’s just me.

Spirit always finds a connection for others and sometimes I flow with it but more than not, I do try to stay “off the clock “ to live my life. You do have to stay grounded, protected and not be on all the time. It’s not healthy to stay open. I am not like that TV show that I will be in Costco and bump into someone and  I have to read them type of reader. To me, that crosses boundaries and you have to have permission to read from someone in order to read for them. Like I did with my van driver and it helped that his mother was sitting next to me!  In my world, there are charlatans out there who will go to malls and bump into people and fake a read for a $50 dollar fee—Never buy into it and don’t be taken advantage of.

To conclude while I was moving three kids into college in two weeks (what’s  up with elevators not working on move-in day?) while counting too many pairs Lulu Lemon pants that I figured out I paid for,  this Psychic Medium gets a nudge from spirit to help a man at a crossroads in his life and it made his day. You should have seen his smile. It made me smile too.


"Enriching clients lives who are at a crossroads, experiencing unresolved issues or dealing with loss by offering inspiration, comfort and closure through psychic and spirit communication."

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