Quiet The Mind And The Soul Will Speak

I have taught my children since they could talk to trust their “inner voice” and their thoughts. In my opinion, it’s one of the most important lessons you can give them.

Why as parents do you think you can control that in a soul? Parents negligently just hold on to their kids. Today, I am asking you to please do different, start teaching those kiddos at an early age to be independent and psychic.

Yesterday, this is how it manifested in our family. My daughter Haley was at the local café in town having coffee sitting outside with two of her friends. She was sitting facing the street and her friends had their back to it. In her head, she heard her guidance say, “Look Up!” (Now that would be your psychic intuition talking to you) So she did, just like we practiced for years about trusting those thoughts. (Good, Girl!)

At that moment she saw a trash truck going way too fast down the street. It hopped the curb and she told her friends to “Run!” As they were running with their backs to the street, the truck proceeded to crash head-on into another vehicle with another one of her friends in it, as she was driving and smash through to where they had been sitting. Miraculously no one got hurt. That young lady in the car walked away with just a cut on her knee and no one else was injured or worse dead.

Now if my daughter had not “Looked Up” like she was told this blog would have a very different ending wouldn’t it? I am so thankful she listened like I have trained her.

When you get those cues from spirit, listen, listen, listen and then act.

How many times do people say, “I should have listened”; when something does not go their way? I would like to take that sentence out of our human vocabulary. You fail when you don’t listen to what feels right remember that.

The Native American Indians believed that:

“If you quiet the mind, the soul will speak.”

Your psychic insistent cannot be taught unless you teach yourself to trust it. If you practice this with your children growing up it’s automatic in who they become. Many times my children have pulled back from situations only to see a negative outcome occur. They would do this in high school, college and as early as grade school. Think of the amazing adults’ kids become if they just can quiet themselves to trust that inner voice. The divorce rate would certainly go down, success in business, get ready to knock it out of the park, not to mention the inner calm and the anger gone from people.

Some tips on how to teach your children to trust their psychic self:

1. You ask them how they feel about situations.
2. You ask them what they think the outcomes will be in situations.
3. You ask them about their dreams in the morning.
4. When something bad happens you ask them if they knew it was to happen beforehand. And if they did then make that situation a teaching moment.
5. As parents don’t pass judgments just listen and guide and don’t be critics.
6. You need to give your kids quiet every single day. They need to learn to pray, meditate and connect with their souls. So that they listen to their quiet and own thoughts.

Today and every day you are to be a Native American Indian “Quiet the Mind and The Soul Will Speak” and when it does speak ACT.

In that moment I am thankful (and she is too) that Haley had the knowledge to listen to her psychic instinct. Well done, Haley well done.



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