Missing Person Case – Kyle Laski

September 5, 2022

Psychic Medium Kelle Sutliff

Psychic Medium Kelle Sutliff was contacted by Kyle’s mother. Her son, a young man in his late twenties, a loving father of two daughters, was missing, and they were trying to find him. Kelle conducted her psychic detective work to help find the young father successfully.


Valuable Information


Found Where Said



Sutliff worked with Kyle’s Mother and gave the exact details on how to find Kyle, who had been missing for ten days. Kelle asked for a map of the area they had been searching; within that map, Kelle narrowed it down to where his Mother should search. Sutliff stated, “He is in a wooded area, and he is off of Goddard Road in a pocket of land of the towns of Allen Park and Taylor for his location. There is a chain link fence, railroad tracks, red rocks painted near his location, power lines, and an embankment that goes down by a Culvert (big round cement circle); take two steps to the right to where he is and look upwards. It’s almost like I feel my body being PUSHED forward, and I am going down. Look at Kyle’s body for evidence on his head, feet, ankles, hands, and right leg, as I want to be sure the detectives rule out foul play.”

At 9:45 AM on September 15th, Sutliff got a call from Kyle’s Mother that they found Kyle’s bike in the location she had said to search. Family members then called The Taylor Police and said they had found his bike.

The Michigan State Police, Taylor Police, and Cadaver dogs started their search and rescue for Kyle Laski. The details Psychic Medium Kelle Sutliff gave were critical to locating him. At 1:22 PM, Sutliff got a text from his Mother that said, “They found Kyle he’s gone.” “My heart just sank, but I was thrilled to have helped this family find their missing son. It was not the outcome we all wanted, but we found him.”

That next day, Kyle’s Mother added, “Kelle, so in a five-mile radius of where he was last seen, you found his exact location. I am so thankful.”


Kelle accurately said Kyle would be found within a 5 mile radius of his last known location and it proved to be true.


Found Kyle's Bike where Kelle said it was.


Definitively said Kyle was off of "Goddard Road." which he was.


Kelle, found the exact location of Kyle within 48 hours of being contacted.

Psychic Investigator Kelle Sutliff

Months after accurately providing details using her psychic abilities to find Kyle, Kelle went to the site she had never physically seen or been at and took these photos.

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