Make A Decision…. COVID-19 Pandemic!

On May 20, 2020, I asked Spirit to give me a card that represents this pandemic and the card that was picked was extremely interesting for me to give to you. It was the “Make A Decision” card. This card is to remind you to trust your intuition and to trust that Heaven is behind the scenes helping you with the choices that have been leading you in and out of chaos.

The world is at an impasse while we wait on the government’s instruction, on “What to do next”. But sometimes in life, you have to take on your own leadership and say to yourself, “What do I want to do next?” Most often the universe asks you to be the decision-maker. Have you forgotten that?

You have a choice in life and your experiences. Instead of passively allowing life to push you around like a kayak without any paddles… You need to follow your “gut instinct” to shift into something better and new. Could it be that this pregnant pandemic pause has lead you to shift into new relationships? New work? New priorities? Fantastic! Your change has been coming for a long time. My hunch is that you have been ready for a new change anyway. Great, now stop being passive.

It’s time to grab your resources and pull yourself out of any situation. You need to start releasing your fears and allow yourself to only focus on your destination. And may I add, that fear-based decisions never-ever work.

In the next six months you are going to see:

  • The real facts come out around the Coronavirus and sadly I see too much of fear-based choices made in the chaos which you know what that brings…poor outcomes in decisions.
  • You will see that the world mismanaged this pandemic and hypocrisy in State management. Countries will learn from this error and be skeptical about going forward.
  • The good news you will see more and more regulations around labs and protocols to manage their distribution in research.
  • China will be nailed with more sanctions not just by the United States but the World and they will have a heavy price to pay for this disease that started in their country and how they hid the facts and their mismanagement of the outbreak. When someone lies remember they always get caught.
  • You will also see political leaders fall that hid facts of this disease and ruled with an iron fist, just like the “Iron Curtin.” The wall eventually fell and commerce and modern-day living began again.
  • This economy will come back. But the leaders during this pandemic, who ruled from ego, will not fit with the new energy platform we are coming into. Old ideals, lies, and cover-ups will self-destruct creating more awareness of what this pandemic was also about.

We have all been tested. An interesting word I am using which isn’t referring to a Covid-19 test but a test in this consciousness shift and alignment. True, this pandemic was pretty fearful and scary stuff. But it’s time for you to let go of all of that fear and go on living your new life with integrity and sometimes that means making your own rules up to live by.

You need to trust your intuition.

The big message from Spirit is you now have to manifest your new clear direction. Spirit wants you to question and trust what you feel is right for your life choices.

Now grab your paddles put them in your kayak and start rowing…
It reminds me of a song I used to sing when I was little…

“Row row row your boat
Gently down the stream
Merrily merrily merrily merrily
Life is but a dream…”


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