Kelle Sutliff’s Psychic Predictions for 2024

Kelle Sutliff is a Psychic Medium, Author, and Guest Radio Host. She conducts readings for clients worldwide, and she predicts the upcoming year’s events with much accuracy every year. She even predicted the Clinton/Trump ticket with a Trump win, as documented in The Boston Herald in 2015. Sutliff also uses her gifts to help find the missing. 2024 is another exciting year!

Welcome to your New Year! 2024 will be an 8-year in Numerology (add the numbers across 2024), and it adds up to eight energies. What does that mean? Think of words like influence, outcomes, whole, growth, money, redemption., renewing, and most importantly, empowerment. This eight year is all your growth. You worked real hard with that seven year of 2023, which was all about building your stepping stones bringing you into the energy pull of 2024. You did it, although very trying at times, but now you are here. Yay! for you!

Any moment of this year that you get down, worried, or fear based you have to remember your growth as a soul and how far you have become and let’s just put it this way you are way ahead of the curve and this world is going to have to catch up to you. Think of it this way… It’s like you got the A on the history exam and everyone else partied the night before and got the C’s and D’s! That is the simplest analogy of what World Events are going to look like this year. You just keep studying and attracting YOUR goodness.

  • You will need to stay grounded and spiritual, and you will, with the Divine helping you, have balance. You will see a collective of spirituality come together this year.

Healing Humanity is huge.

  • New innovative healing and medical research and cures around why inflammation causes disease in cancer, inflammatory diseases, myocarditis and melanoma. All of this rapid succession of disease due to vaccine injury and why cells are going haywire will help heal those people with these issues. It’s like a world cure comes in… So much discovery of the facts of whom and why will be revealed on who caused this Pandemic will be dealt with this year, all the way into the year 2026.
  • MS breakthrough on its connection to mold injuries and why the disease is caused. The next four years in Medical Science, breakthroughs will be super important to heal patients. Sadly, we will start seeing the increase of pancreatic, liver, and brain cancers and why people are stroking and having heart attacks too young! Medical research will be on steroids, trying to figure this all out and find discoveries to help heal patients with all these abnormal cell reactions due to inflammation in the body. The months of February, May, and October announce some medical breakthroughs, but plan the next two to four years’ major medical changes to conquer the increase of these diseases.
  • Water therapies, electromagnetic and oxygen therapies and topical skin therapies will be a new wave in our future in healing this year.

The Pandemic of 2020 There will be so much revealed about the pandemic and the frauds from your country’s leadership and all the way to Big Pharma. You are to pay attention to the “mouthpieces” of the last three years in every country. They chose to make money on the average citizen and that the Pandemic of 2020 was an abnormally controlled science project. All I can say is Wow*

Spirit keeps showing me lots of “list makers “hitting the news this year and it’s more the naughty list and not the good list, if you know what I mean…. Pay attention to January, February and August on who will be in trouble.

World Events are going to be “damn dicey “is the kindest way to put it. Look at these months: February, April, and Sept leading into October. Of course, don’t forget some civil unrest happening in November after our newly elected President is announced in the United States.

In the United States chart every country has a birth chart. July 4, 1776, for the US as our country’s birthdate. Our country’s chart has the same alignment as it did when WWll started this coming February, and that is a tad alarming. This all has to do with what is happening in the Middle East and terrorism.

  • Sadly, Evil will be showing its head in attacks in lots of countries in 2024. I want to prevent terrorism in the United States, Texas, and the Mid-West, especially anywhere borders are and sleepy towns where you would not expect something to happen in. They have done the big cities of NYC and Boston, and they are moving on onto new turf, the least expected locations.
  • This ‘new turf concept” will be the same around the world. These countries, like Italy, France, Germany, Sweden, and England, have to be well aware. People want to be violent this year and destroy humanity. Humanity is so much smarter than this evil. Countries need not to repeat the same mistakes.
  • When the planets Uranus and Jupiter come together in April, look for some “war–like” events then. Prior to the elections, in those Fall months, expect government turmoil and world changes. It can also be good things, but people will never be happy and continue to act like immature kids who act out.

My Prediction on the Election front. I never saw President Biden finishing his term, and he will not. So, he will not be on that democratic ticket. Kamala Harris will have a very and I mean very short run as President. I keep seeing the number 7. That could be 7 months, 7 weeks, or 7 days. I am leaning to “7 weeks.”

My Prediction on who will be the President of the United States it will be #45 President Donald Trump. In his Astrology Chart he is so strong in Foreign Affairs and he is needed to use his skills like he did in his first term to keep us out of war. He is not finished in his chart as a World Leader. He will have a strong woman as his Vice President.

US Presidents that have to watch their health These three former United States Presidents have to watch their health for 2024. Biden, Carter, and Clinton. If you are reading this, stay heart-healthy. Sadly, I see several Presidential Funerals occurring in 2024.

RFK Jr. is a messenger of lots of truth people do not want to hear. He’s exposing the 1960’s events and why people died. That is okay, as truth heals and secrets harm. He has a great chance of being on the ticket for 2028.

Truth Awakening Year 2024 is a big arse awakening for the world. So many secrets will be revealed, and that is just perfect. 2024 is that “truth awakening year” so we can all begin to heal. Those events or people who manipulated the truth in anything will be caught in their actions, and some of this information will be revealed from the 1960s onward. No one should have a problem with that except if you are on the “naughty list.”

In the economy, there will be some dips in those volatile months that we mentioned earlier. February, April, October, and November. Stocks may be a little more sluggish. I don’t see a banner economy until the end of 2024, going into the first quarter of 2025. I really like 2025 and 2026 for the world economics.

Real Estate will dip with interest rates. I see at least 2 and 3⁄4 points down. So, if you can afford to buy real estate, get your act together to purchase! Remember, it’s an 8 year! It is great for your financial wealth. So don’t get fear-based to invest. You are investing for your future, not just in the moment. Your timing will be perfect, but be prepared to pounce on those good opportunities.

Crypto Currency/Bitcoin get more regulated in 2024.

Earthquakes – California, Oregon, Wyoming, Peru, Mexico, and Japan prepare for Earthquakes in the summer months. The one in California will create a lot of devastation.

Flooding in the United States: I keep seeing New York and Florida with high water levels, which means flooding. I keep seeing people waving for help in high rises and their homes, which is very similar to Hurricane Katrina in 2006.

Oil is UP Due to what is happening in the Middle East and poor planning, oil prices will be going up in 2024.

Leadership Changes will be huge in several countries and around the world in 2024.

  1. Putin in Russia major health crisis in the months of May through August of 2024.
  2. Zelininsky of Ukraine. I keep hearing the “well runs dry for his leadership” from the end of Oct 2024 till March of 2025. Countries stop giving to him.
  3. Trudeau of Canada 2024 will be asked to step down. Remember that “naughty list?”
  4. Pope Francis of the Catholic Church – major health crisis in his chart. I see a new Pope in 2024 for the Catholic Church.

Middle East Conflict: So much of my Fall blog I predicted and posted on September 11, 2023, occurred on October 7th with Israel (link) It was uncanny that I posted it on September 11th, another terrorist conflict day for our world. It was like Spirit was saying, “Bloodshed is happening again, and it sure did on that dreadful day of the killing of innocent women, men, and children.

Unfortunately, this will continue and I feel this will make the world join in the conflict for 2024 It will be short-lived but I feel Israel does not crumble like they want it to. It is fated that it will stand strong, but there will be compromise in the end between three Middle Eastern countries. As Spirit says to me as I write this, “War is never the answer Peace is.”


Remember we are in an 8 year. The number 8 has infinity to it metaphorically; it means respect and love are limitless. So even though there will be lots of hell-raising and conflict this year around the world. We will return back to love and spirituality of what humans are…. souls. We are just souls here on Earth doing the work to better ourselves. This is what the “Great Awakening” is all about who you are as a soul. Are you awakened to make 2024 your best year yet? It is time to get your aspirations done and enjoy all your hard work and the prosperity you deserve. Eight years do that for you! Think like Buzz Light Year…What does he always say when he takes off? “To infinity and beyond!” You are more like Buzz than you think.

You are enlightened. Stay aware, and may you have many blessings in 2024.

Kelle Sutliff, Psychic Medium



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