Kelle Sutliff One of the Only Psychic Mediums Who Predicted Donald Trump as 45th President of the United States Makes Her 2017 Predictions

Psychic Medium who predicted Trump as our next president is seeing a powerhouse of change for everyone so get prepared for it. There will be a platform of change with the United States Congress and tons of growth in the United States and world economy.

The election is over and well before it started back in October of 2015 Kelle Sutliff, Psychic Medium knew who the next President of the United States would be! Today she is seeing a new 2017 with many new facets of information taking us into a fascinating 2017 so get ready for some change. Here are her predictions for our New Year:

  • President Trump will be a powerhouse of change so everyone prepare for it. “It’s a time to get ready for change and progress shifting out the old energy so the new can come in,” says Sutliff. “There will be lots of review in Congress of programs that do not fit the American agenda anymore. You will see many votes and re votes in Congress. You will see a perfect turnaround for this country in year three of his presidency so be patient. The Trump Era will be very FDR and Reagan like. He will communicate with the American people.” He will not hide behind the White House White Walls,” says Sutliff. The Press will start to like him again!
  • There will be tremendous growth in transportation and mining industry and there is lots of new technology on fracking being discovered.
  • The Trade Gates are open; there will be countries wanting to engage in proper trade practices with the United States. Look to Japan, China, even the Ukraine and Africa to even participate. This will be a time of trust to build a more global economy.
  • Mother Nature and dry ground is not a good combination for any part of the world – be prepared for some rocking earthquakes. In the United States watch the belt line in CA. Arizona, Oregon, and parts of the Mid West will feel these effects.
  • With dryness of the ground fruits and vegetables will go up in price due to damage in crops.
  • More awareness and review will be given to The Clinton Foundation, especially in September.
  • The stock market and housing market for 2017 are great times to see profit. There is an adjustment in interest rates but will benefit the economy. The trend of companies pulling back jobs into our United States continues especially in trades.

Last year on New Years Day, Sutliff reached an all time high on Google. She was the #1 Psychic making predictions out of over 1.4 million psychics around the world.

Sutliff adds, “2017 is a time to create your own opportunities staying in balance and nurture of self. That means you need to be kind to yourself, step away from your fear-based issues and regroup, that is what the world is doing so you need too also. It’s a great energy to start a new business, meet new people, get that degree you always wanted. Whatever you begin in 2017 you will finish; it’s that kind of year.” How exciting, in all this change she adds,” Please don’t forget to stay in your honor and be kind to others. If you don’t honor your goals chaos will sure find you and no one wants that negative response with the choices you make in 2017.”

Sutliff has been in her industry for over fifteen years. She is an award winning author of her book “Listen Up The Other Side IS Talking.” She is often a guest on television and radio. She does readings for clients nationally and internationally via person, phone, or Skype. She lives in Andover, MA, with her family, three very intuitive children and two adorable Corgi dogs, Mabel and Moe. See her past 2016 predictions and learn more at http://www.psychicmediumkelle.com


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