It’s the little things that can be the BIG things!

Ocean off MauiI was in Maui, Hawaii on vacation meditating away with gorgeous energy from the island. I get why they call the island Maui the heart chakra of the world. It truly is blessed with energy that heals. I loved it and was healed from it. Any time you can put your toes or heels into some aspect of nature, earth will thank you.

A Wink from Nature

So as I was meditating bobbing along in the ocean and all the surfers are waiting for their next big wave with their backs against the horizon, I look up to see a humpback whale jump out of the water (just like National Geographic) about a football field away from me! I kid you not! She must have known how I was praying for world peace, praying for centering and praying for all my people who needed healing. It was like a wink from nature and the highlight of my trip!

Whale Tale MauiHer tail kept waving up and down after she landed and it was almost like she was agreeing with me ”Yep, Kel you got this good intentions thing”.  For me, I was paying attention to my surroundings. The surfers missed the golden opportunity of that “wink”, all busy catching the next wave, having tunnel vision and all in the zone. How often do you stay too much in the zone to not even be aware of your surroundings? We do it every day. Do you ever drive home and you are just on automatic pilot and don’t even remember the details of the way home? Your mind is just running and running? To see the signs you need to get out of your automatic pilot.  To do this you create your center and look for signs from the universe. Or at least be more present in the moment so you see when a whale jumps out in front of you! Sure, that is not going to happen in Boston traffic but you get where I am going with this, would be pretty funny though!

You can make today your day to see signs

How do you do this? Simply ask for nature to give you some signs and then be aware. Now signs can actually come from nature itself or it can come from the spontaneous picture you get from the internet, setting up a coloring book and crayons for your kids or it may be just looking out your kitchen window observing nature. When you are looking at nature and plugging yourself in, it is always an opportunity for old memories to surface such as looking at trees.;”Wow, those look like the old trees I used to climb on as a kid”.  Or perhaps the symbol or sign from your Mom is a cardinal and “While looking out my window I just saw three of them looking right at me.”

Nature can nurture us if we let it. Perhaps you’ve had a bad day at work. You walk through the park everyday on your way home and don’t take much notice but today you are paying attention to the signs. While walking through the park you hear little kids laughing. You see and feel their joy of being outside enjoying nature and having fun and it puts a smile on your face and your bad day seem less significant. See how nature helps us? It can only do it’s job if we pay attention and get into our surroundings. Mother Nature she really is there to heal us, so start creating that relationship with her. I ask you to start morphing into her vibe more often. It will create that inner flow that you need, that is:

1) Good for your heart AND
2) Good for your soul

It really is the little things that can lead you into the BIGGER things and you may get lucky and even see a humpback whale!

Take Good Care,
Kelle Sutliff


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