Divine Always Aligns

This weekend as we fill our lives with the renewal of life, Spring, and of the Easter holiday I’ll share the story about Brutus, a true bunny story.

Have you ever looked out your kitchen window and seen something that was black with HUGE ears sitting on your patio staring up at you? Well back in November I did. I called out to my husband Tom and my son Matt and I said, “ Hey, there is a black bunny in our back yard!” Tom have you ever seen such a black bunny?” He looks out the window and said, “That is a domesticated bunny!” Matt walks out side with some carrots and picks this big guy up walks in the house with him and says, “We will call him “Brutus.” He is big and he had been in some brutal conditions. On the Sunday we found him (or he found us I should say), we had torrential rains and winds all weekend.

In our family we currently have two Corgis’. This home has had several animals over the years. We had Crystal a parakeet who lived for 10 years, two guinea pigs and least we not forget Kevin the Hedgehog! After I announce that we have found a bunny to the family, I get text messages from my girls at college; “Mom we always wanted a bunny can we keep him?” as Brutus is now stationed in Moe’s dog crate (He is not happy) in our bathroom, the answer to my kids question would be “NO”.

So in true Mothering fashion, I am googling how to take care of a bunny and what do they eat and off I go to the pet store. Tom says, “Now Kelle don’t be spending a lot of money on this bunny…” Of course not.” I respond. I came home with a litter box, Timothy Hay, toys, bunny treats, fresh greens, and carrots. Everyone knows when you come to my house you eat and you are entertained so Brutus will fall in line with the Sutliff Mantra and he was so hungry the poor thing.

We can’t keep him but as I say, ”Brutus has picked the right back yard as he is staying at the Ritz Carlton without using any reward points!” Brutus now finds his way onto social media. He gets posted on FaceBook local town sights because I am sure someone will claim this huge bunny as obviously, he was someone’s pet. He is sweet in nature and you can pick him up and cuddle him. Sadly, no response just one, an important one from my client/ friend Laura who, guess what is part of a Bunny Rescue Program. She herself has a bunny named Buddy and that guy lives the life often catching a few rays by the pool in their second home in Florida.

Laura and I conclude that poor Brutus got dumped. She also tells me that Brutus is a Flemish Giant and they actually can weigh up to 22 pounds! I’m thinking I have rescued a dog. He is sweet in nature because they often use them in pet-assisted therapy. Why of course this bunny finds my house he knows what I do for a living!

It gets better… Laura puts her feelers out there and Antonia comes into the picture and is going to be Brutus new foster Mom. When Antonia comes to pick him up I ask her what she does for work? She works in healing, she is like me! Ok, so what are the odds that this bunny finds my backyard, finds me the Psychic Medium, I have a client who participates in bunny rescues and Antonia also does healing work? I would say this bunny should buy some lottery tickets? Or he managed to find the lottery.

See how the Divine always aligns?

We are often put in situations that we think we can never get out of but we do as long as we try to help ourselves. It’s when you don’t help yourself that you find the chaos in life. There is such synchronicity in my Brutus message.

Have you paid attention to the synchronicity and “good timing of events in your life?

I sure hope you have so that you can be thankful and humbled in your life and that when the timing of events really works out. You don’t take things for granted. You just appreciate all that you have and most important ALL THAT YOU GIVE.

And you don’t need a bunny to show up in your backyard to see all the good from one simple gesture in life or maybe you do…
May you be blessed with the opportunity of synchronicity in your life! Synchronicities are really answered prayers to your concerns. It’s the serendipity happenings in situations that call for you to notice or wake up as I like to say, to change, to do different, to appreciate and to find hope unless hope finds you.

As nothing happens by coincidence it all happens for a reason. It is your faith in these concepts that will truly resurrect in your life.

I wish you a Happy Spring.

Kelle Sutliff

On a side note to this story… We had a funny surprise everyone thought Brutus was a boy but as it turns out Brutus is really a “Betty!!” She currently has a new boy friend and lives in a beautiful home with Antonia. See how the Divine Always Aligns?


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