Coronavirus Look! Spirit Talks

March 21, 2020 this is what I received from my guides on this day as I asked for their help as to WHY this virus has happened to our world. This is what they gave me-and always I trust their wisdom. Many blessings, Kelle

This epidemic is over in four weeks. The world gets back to order before May 27, 2020. This happened as an adjustment energetically to the world as it is needed with the astrologically shifts that started happening Fall 2019 and really ramped up in January 2020 to present. We have planets aligning that have not aligned in ages, lots of Mercury retrograde and several, several powerful moon change. When this all happens it changes our fluidity.

Remember we are all energy. So when things are off or aligning to get back to balance, we always have dramatic change. It’s like having a toxic relationship you have to get out, as it’s not healthy for you to stay in it. Once you do, the new relationship can come in.

We all need to be Humane, which means to be kind, compassionate, kind hearted considerate.

  • Look! At the negative the media spews to keep the world in fear as a form of control.
  • Look! How Politicians have gone after leadership of their own countries.
  • Look! How greed has taken over trade to rip business and countries off.
  • Look! How your own life is too busy to greet your neighbors.
  • Look! How your own life is too busy to check on the elderly or the poor.
  • Look! How your sense of being creates you to be ungrounded creating your own chaos.
  • Look! How some nations are so out of control they can only control their people? Who said, Government’s could control people with despair and fear?
  • Look! How Science has over stepped its’ boundaries and the greed the Pharmaceutical Industry has taken advantage of humans of need of medicine.
  • Look! How socialized medicine has told people, “I cannot care for you any more you will have to die.” Only God and Your soul decides this, not a system.
  • Look! How arrogant you have become not to care about others. You have become selfish—and you like it.

The word humane is defined as; “regulations ensuring the humane treatment of animals too.” The Humane Society is around the world protecting animals. What countries do not protect their animals, these are the countries most infected. See the correlations? You have seen the horrific abuse from China and Iran on animals. Even Italy has banned dog meat consumption from their country. This practice and abuse has to stop.

We are all energy. What we put out into the world is what we get back. “Do unto others as you have done to you” EVERY culture, religion has this modality in their religion. Why? Because it is truth. Has the world chosen to forget this? Why? Have you forgotten to apply this to your lives? It takes a World Pandemic to Awaken the masses. COVID 19 has done just this.

This virus is a reminder for the world to get back into order and to be “whole” for one another. The masses of people who will die from this pandemic leaving our earth plane has made us shift and to be aware of what is important in our lives and that would be one another.

The governments and the individualism that chose to control others will be self limited during these times of change, so be careful how you act going forward. If you create lies and deceit you will rewarded the same.

So do different this time in this opportunity– because you can.

Our world does come back to what we used to know with good commerce; stock market rising economy booming and government changes but it WILL be different.

As a world you were given a horrible example of sickness to re-align your energy, your faith, your true self in your soul so you can become the wealth of the greater good to our world. Make the choice to be a kinder more gentle soul…

I am excited to see the new world ahead of us…

And so it will be…

Kelle Sutliff
Psychic Medium


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