Breaking Code Silence

What is Breaking Code Silence?

The Breaking code of silence is a movement created by survivors and activists to raise awareness of the problems within The Troubled Teen Industry protecting the vulnerable youth from abuse from these programs. www.breakingcodesilence.net

Have you heard of this movement? Most of you probably have not. I didn’t either until I came across a case a few weeks ago where a young teen Mother contacted me about her missing boyfriend and Father to her child.

I was asked like all of my cases to look at this young man and where he was when I read on the case. Here is what happened…

Psychic Detective

As per my usual process I go into my Psychic Press Release asking the “Who What When and Where” of a case. Right away, I knew this child. I am calling him a child but he is 18 and considered an adult. At 18 he can have a child, sign up for the military and get a credit card. Society views him as adult male right now.

  •  The first thing I received was foul play on this case and deceit and its not going to add up! (My guides were right.)
  •  Then I was given a highway number, two States to look at which are GA and NC and I kept seeing his movement back and forth in locations.
  •  I also saw mountains and terrain as locations.
  •  I also kept seeing the words “ I have a secret”.
  •  I knew this man was in the country not out of the country and he has been put into a mental facility “camp” under weird circumstances.

I knew the parent circumstances for putting their son into this “camp” was not your usual “I need to save my kid because he a drug addict” “I need to save my kid because he has no coping skills with life” or “ I need to save my kid because he is going to kill himself”. Nope, this is way different.

I was given from spirit that this is a child who has not been listened too or respected and the word “pressure – cooker parenting” comes to mind. This is a high achiever of a man who has earned his grades to head off to an excellent college. None of it makes sense.

In my humble opinion spirit tells me he is taken from his life plan.

Here is the crux of the issue his family never accepted that “their golden boy” son was a teen Father at 16 and as a result made their own child “cover up” their own grandchild and his own child for almost two years! A gigantic RED FLAG.

Can you imagine the pressure on this child from his parents? Son, score high on your SAT, get perfect marks to get into college but DON’T tell anyone you have fathered a baby or else!

Before he went ”to camp” he and his girlfriend and baby were living together. This baby knew who his father was.

I work on cases all over the world, murder cases, missing persons, cold cases, sex trafficking cases and this reading truly feels like “children trafficking” and part of the Teen Movement going on today. Parents dumping children that lie over issues and “making up “ psychosis “ to get rid of their kids. Sadly, these parents don’t look at themselves as the failure.

My take on raising kids, I say, “You create them and make them whom they are.” No one else has the job but you.” Obviously, if the family can’t raise a child with the purest of intention and come in all fear based at a child or look at their kid as a trophy, this is what you get from them the over reaction to his environment kid. I am going to over react with bad behavior, with drugs with nasty habits and so the reaction comes on in the teen-age years.

Wilderness Behavioral Camp

Here is the price tag $550 per day and most are private pay. So for that expense, your kid is thrown into nature, using tarps for tents, given limited food, inclement weather conditions and could walk up to 14 miles a day just to strip their minds of “doing life right”. Sick right?

These types of parents who send their kids here could give a crap about the PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) their child will have for a lifetime. They are only thinking in the short term. Parents want their child fixed now  —Programs like this use behavior modification therapy and show kids the consequence of life. That sounds great on paper but its how they go about it to achieve this goal is questionable and often with intolerable consequences when they begin the process to “deprogram” your kid’s brain for their life choices.

Many facilities DO NOT give the proper training and do not hire seasoned counselors either so they can “sniff out“ this crap of lies being told by parents on their kids. According to a psychologist, I spoke with on this specific case.  It happens and it is happening in a form of deceitful placement. Parents can put kids in these programs with out a true basis of reason. It is a deficit in these organization and counselors are not trained to look for it.

Guess what? It is a fact, that some families just dump them there because they themselves are weak and probably shouldn’t have had kids in the first place. If ya got no tools don’t do it. Cause its hard work! On the flip side, some camps can be successful in nature for some. I understand that some parents have tried everything, are looking for solutions and that they may have good intentions and are offering these Wilderness Camp Programs as their best solution. They are desperate to help “fix” their kid to cooperate and blend with society. I totally get it– kids don’t come with directions. So parents are at their wits end. But never make a decision out of desperation. It always turns out bad. To me, this therapy extremism is beyond brutal. As many children have had the long-term residual effects of anxiety, abuse, even rape, physical beatings and psychological damage and an unimaginable amount of stress to endure for a lifetime on attending these programs. For what? Because you; parent needed someone else to DO YOUR JOB? That’s right, I’m calling you out.

In this case I found out this young teen father was enduring Hurricane Sally in the Blue Ridge Mountains with minimal cover.  Even our military are given better accommodations during such bad weather and they are getting paid to do it!  All the while, Mom and Dad are tucked in at night in their cozy comfort of a home watching the storm from CNN. Do you think he was cold?

This facility let kids hang out in a tent in a hurricane! They certainly get a 5 Star rating in my book. I would love to see these parents participate in just one day of these rigorous conditions. They would grab their kids instantly and bring them straight home!

This type of “scared straight programs” may possibly change behavior for a minute of their short-term cycle but not in the long- term adulthood. These children will live a lifetime with anxiety.

The government does not heavily monitor these programs not until cases of abuse are brought to the Attorney General Office. Is anything truly regulated?  It’s a failed system like child protective services can be.   Many Wilderness Camps just switch out their names and still have the same dysfunction they always did when they get caught abusing.  That’s the history of this same facility the missing teen Father is in.


  • September 27, 2020 I was notified by my client this young man was found and is no longer missing.
  • Found right where I gave the evidence where he would be.

See Spirit always knows best and they do try to make it right.

The difficult part is he will remain there under fear, false accusations until he realizes that he can leave, as he is an adult man. It may be a little difficult for him when you are in the middle of no- where though.

He has probably been told his rights have been stripped away. Or maybe he will continue getting his punishment from the Wilderness Camp because he fathered a baby too young and he is stuck with parents that hated that reality to cause him to break down.

In the meantime, you have a baby who is almost two who asks for “Da-Da” and his Mom who misses her boyfriend trying everything to get him to come home and a supposedly trusted facility that can’t or won’t see this case management of lies (the parents) Because they don’t know how to due to the lack of training of these counselors…and now Wilderness Behavioral Camp becomes a home for unwed fathers.

File this under #badparenting @breakingcodesilence @talktroubled #parishilton #troubledteenmovement

This one kept me up at night.

You can learn more about breaking code silence and watch a video on the topic at https://www.breakingcodesilence.net/

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