A Psychic Medium Has Many Roles Today

Kelle's American Meat Loaf

I am a Psychic Medium who often works on missing person cases and double homicides, while making meatloaf on a Saturday night.

Yes, you read that right. Spirit tends to often find me in my kitchen. See I love to cook and it is in that “Zen moment” that they must say, “Looks she’s on… let’s give her the info. before she makes the salad!” With my line of work, if you don’t have humor, you could never do it.

Psychic Press Release

Let’s face it; it can be pretty heavy when I am tuned into a crime scene. I use my own Psychic Press Release to get the information. What’s a Psychic Press Release? It follows the format of the WHO, WHAT WHEN, HOW and WHY questions I ask when I am given a case with the emphasis on the WHO? So when I get a case I psychicly tune in to give my guided input and it works. In my fifteen-year career, as a psychic medium, I have assisted in many cases nationally, internationally and locally. I provide evidence to family members, and private investigators.

The Work I do

Kelle Sutliff SittingI have worked with national groups called:

– Find Me 2 and

– The Boston University Cold Case Collaborative

This is where several psychics, detectives and former FBI agents all work as ONE taking there intuition and expertise to solve a case. Yes, I have solved a few, especially when it comes to finding the poor souls who went missing. See that is my job, “I work for the souls on the other side.” It is their energy that is used to help me receive the information so I can give it to the proper authority to investigate a case.

The Soul Wants Closure

No person ever, ever dies NOT wanting the truth to come out as to “what happened.” to them especially if it is sketchy circumstances. That soul wants closure for their family. The Universal Energy, God, Karma Buddha whatever your belief system, will always help to make it right. It may not be instantly or it may take forty years, but that closure will be attempted and often fulfilled. If a Psychic Medium like me can be of help than why not?

Psychic Mediums in Investigations

Today, so many State agencies are overwhelmed with cases, less manpower and resources. It’s silly not to use psychics with crime and investigations in my opinion. Psychics have been used and trusted for thousands of years, even going back to passages in the Bible. So why the indifference when its source has been around forever. I always say, “If you put a PI and Psychic together on a case when it happens it would be wrapped up much quicker.” Society needs to trust that a psychic medium is a phenomenal resource when it comes to crime investigation today.

The Day in the Life of a Psychic Medium

Here’s an example of a week in the life of this Psychic Medium:

  • I worked on a double homicide out of MI,
  • A forty year old cold case out of MA and
  • Provided an additional Reading on a case where I helped find the body of a missing woman five years ago

All the while, being a Mom to three teenager. Some days the later can be tougher than the cases! This work is just part of my DNA, like being a Mother. It just works for me and you just do it with lots of love and support.

I always say, “When you solve a case it is like getting the Academy Award from Spirit.” There is nothing better and more fulfilling. Let me tell you, those souls are shining so bright with thanks in love. To me it is the most gigantic feeling of the sun, the moon and the stars filling my whole being is the only way, I can describe it. I am one lucky Medium.


"Enriching clients lives who are at a crossroads, experiencing unresolved issues or dealing with loss by offering inspiration, comfort and closure through psychic and spirit communication."

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