#868 Psychic Medium & Mom’s Choice Award Kelle Sutcliff LIVE w/ Dr. Marissa

Jan. 31, 2023

Dr. Marissa Show 
Host: Dr. Marissa Pei

Psychics and Missing Persons?!
I have always been fascinated by the role of psychic detectives, and now I have found a great SME to help me solve my mystery! 😏✌️I accidentally not accidentally met her when I spoke at John Shin’s Mastermind last month so of course she is my special guest in studio!!

Kelle Sutliff is a Psychic Medium, Author and successful Radio Show Host who has been a practicing Medium for over eighteen years. She conducts private readings and consults as a psychic investigator using her expertise on missing person cases for Private Investigators, individual families, and National Missing Persons Organizations. Kelle Sutliff’s first book, Listen Up! The Other Side Is Talking has won the international honor of The Mom’s Choice Award and the Readers’ Favorite book award and is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Her newest book Spirit Speaks Within You, available on Amazon, quickly became a best seller and is a gold recipient of the Mom’s Choice Awards® honoring excellence and winner of The Book Excellence Award. Both books are available on all major book-selling websites.

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About Spirit Speaks Within You

Spirit speaks within you every day and this book explains how to open and work with this connection. It is one of the holiest, and whole, parts of your soul; it is also the most often forgotten. This is why Kelle often repeat “From Spirit’s Mouth to Your Ears…” to clients in my readings.

Through stories, revelations, and wisdom, this book will inspire you to tune in, listen, and embrace your own intuitive voice and stop mixing fear into the intuitive gifts that have always belonged to you. As our collective awakening is happening, now is the best time to gain clarity.

We know that life can be stressful and challenging, and this is especially true in these changing times. We have all witnessed that extra chaos usually follows when we don’t listen to our intuition. Therefore, the healthiest decision you will ever bless yourself with is to seek to expand your psychic development.

Website: https://psychicmediumkelle.com to learn more and book a reading.


"Enriching clients lives who are at a crossroads, experiencing unresolved issues or dealing with loss by offering inspiration, comfort and closure through psychic and spirit communication."

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