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Commonly Asked Questions of Kelle Sutliff:

How did you become a medium?

I was born with this gift and find tuned my work through diligent study with Mediums all around the world. It was the fascination of this work and that I could naturally do it is what propelled me into perfecting my craft. I was also blessed to have psychic ability run through my family lineage.

Do you see Dead People?

It’s true I do. I see their spirit of what they looked like here on Earth. Some rooms can get quite crowded at times!   A passed loved one will show them selves to me so I can describe that person to the person I am reading for. It’s not scary. I expect the other side to give me evidence. How else am I to connect if they don’t show up in a reading?

How do you read?

I always start with a meditation, then I read with psychic information on your life and then I switch into Mediumship which is the piece that connects to your loved ones. They are the ones doing the talking in the reading. I am just relaying it to you. I use every sense in my body to give you evidence I will see things, feel things and even smell things to show the evidence of a reading. So all my senses are joined to give you the evidence you need to know that this is your loved one giving the information.

Have you ever not been able to read someone?

NO. A good Psychic Medium should always be able to connect, even those clients,  who try to block you. If you don’t get read properly then move on and find the person who can read for you, research and ask around who people recommend those are your big references to a good psychic medium.

What’s the difference between a Psychic and a Medium?

Not all Psychics have Mediumship ability. A Psychic reads what your life is to be sees the future and can read the past.  A Medium uses her ability to link, as a conduit to give information and provide evidence of a past loved one so that you know that information is from the past loved one.

Why did you write Listen UP! The Other Side IS Talking?

I wrote this book to show how a true Psychic Medium works today and how my gift has evolved from Reader to Psychic Detective. I wanted to share the true evidence of my world and take the old stigma’s out of what a Psychic Medium used to be. I show this through evidence of readings and cases and the history of the Psychic world.

Can anyone be a Psychic Medium?

In my book I tell you how you can do what I do. Your loved ones want to connect with you. It is actually part of their souls job to do this.   They reach out to you all the time through dreams, signs, songs and sayings.  People need to pay attention after someone dies and they forget. In my book I teach you how to ramp up your “Inner Medium” and how to  work with your loved ones.

How long have you been reading?

I have been reading for fifteen years. I chose to open up my psychic gift again after I had my third child. I had all of this, gift in me as a child and shut it down.  So after having three kids in three years (like I didn’t have enough on my plate) I decided to work with my Psychic Ability and accept who I was.  I discovered my true gift blew off a successful real estate career and away I went! I started doing Psychic Detective work six years ago when I was given a case and found the location of  the missing persons remains. It was then that I chose to work for the souls on the other side and help them give closure to their loved ones. Not many psychics raise their hands to do this work because it is tough work, rather draining, but I do it because it heals many people.

Real Life Kelle?

She is graduate of Western Michigan University and grew up in Michigan.  She currently lives on the East Coast with her husband and three teenagers and will soon have three in college at the same time!  She has done all of this work while being a Football Mom, Soccer Mom and PTO Mom raising those very intuitive  teenagers! She has two adorable Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s named Mabel and Moe.

Next Book?

The book she is working on now is called “The Alchemy Of A Teenager” Grounding Your Child The Right Way!  It is a book on how to keep kids grounded, protected and show them how to be psychic. Available Fall of 2016


"Enriching clients lives who are at a crossroads, experiencing unresolved issues or dealing with loss by offering inspiration, comfort and closure through psychic and spirit communication."

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